Mezuzah | Ceramic

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Simple ceramic mezuzah in 3 color ways. Designed to blend into the home while providing depth and meaning to any doorpost. Juan helped us make these and like the eccentric mad scientist that he is, it was nearly impossible to get a finished product from him (literally 6 months of pleading to get these done). Stop your infinite scrolling and buy this mezuzah with a scroll   :)

Note: We don't have enough followers on Instagram to "scroll up" so this was the only place I could find to put a scroll pun.

Double sided tape is provided to neatly and effectively affix these to your doorway. *Though we cannot guarantee the adhesive will maintain over time so please take care to ensure your mezuzah is secure, especially in the event of inclement weather.  

H: 5/8" W: 7/8" L: 3 7/8"

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