(LTD) Menorah | JST x B. Zippy
(LTD) Menorah | JST x B. Zippy

(LTD) Menorah | JST x B. Zippy

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Super rare chrome green color way (limit 4). Designed specifically to upstage Christmas.

For the collaboration, Bari Ziperstein created 8 different sketches of what a menorah could and should be. Her excitement for the modular menorah was palpable and had to be captured. Mid-fire stoneware and signature white and blue glazes (partially dipped) were utilized in the object. Children with the finest of motor skills could even consider playing with the pieces when it is not in active use. 

A note from BZIPPY: Our clay goods are one-of-a-kind stoneware / earthenware editions with variations in glazes depending on the high fire process. Please note that works are unique and not exactly the same due to the firing process and handmade quality. Works are fragile – please handle with care.

Dimensions: H 4½” x W 5” x D 5” 


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